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How Technology Enabled Care can help you

Introduction to Technology Enabled Care

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Technology Enabled Care is equipment and technology to help adults stay independent. Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is the term that is used to describe how technology can be used to support your health and wellbeing. Technology Enabled Care includes telehealth, telecare, telemedicine, telecoaching and self-care services that can put people in control of their own health, wellbeing and support.

Some of the benefits of technology enabled care are:

  • increasing independence and confidence.
  • managing or minimising risk.
  • supporting and reassuring family carers.
  • reducing the need for a care package.
  • preventing hospital admission.
  • supporting early hospital discharge.
  • delaying or preventing the need for residential care.


Sefton's TEC team

The TEC team provides guidance, training and advice to residents and professionals.

If appropriate, the Council can loan you assistive technology to support your independence and safety. This may be chargeable.

We can also provide reassurance and support for family members. People are happier and healthier when they can remain as independent as possible in their communities.

Our services:

  • prevent, reduce and delay the need for formal care services.
  • support informal carers.
  • help communities build resilience.

You can ask for a referral to the TEC Team by calling 0345 030 0845.

We may recommend and provide some assistive technology following an assessment of needs, which will look at all your needs and at the outcomes you want to be able to achieve and check whether any of them meet the national eligibility criteria for adult social care supports.

To request an assessment, please complete the online contact form or call our team on 0151 934 3785.

Our assessor will work with you to create a support plan for your eligible social care needs.

Together, we’ll work out how we can help you with your independence and wellbeing.

You can also download and complete the TEC/Lifeline self-referral form and emailing it to TECSEnquiries@sefton.gov.uk

Our technology enabled care team are here to help 


How can TEC make life easier?

Technology, especially when connected to the internet, can be a lifeline for many people, especially if you're older, have a disability or have an illness.

TEC also can include personalised sensors and apps that can support fitness, health, care and wellbeing for you and your carers.

Other terms used to cover TEC services include assistive technology, digital health, health IT, mental health, eHealth, smart home technologies, artificial intelligence, and internet of things just to name a few.

This type of digital or 'smart' ‘assistive’ technology can:

  • alert others if you might need help, for example, if you have a fall.
  • allow you to control your home environment.
  • keep you connected to friends, family and your community.


Real life stories of how TEC has helped people

In their own words, these case studies and videos highlight the personal challenges each of the people faced, and how these were, in part, overcome with the aid of technology. 

Last Updated on Monday, February 19, 2024

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