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Call for Sites 2024

Sefton Council is asking landowners, developers, and other interested parties to suggest sites that may be suitable for various types of development. This is to enable the Council to assess whether there is an adequate land supply for various uses and to help monitor and implement the policies in the current Sefton Local Plan.

The ‘Call for sites’ is not designed to create new policy, does not allocate sites for development, and it does not signify the start of a new Local Plan.

The Council are only looking for sites on previously developed (brownfield) land or sites in the urban area. The sites submitted should be suitable for one or more of the following:

• Housing
• Employment and industry
• Gypsy and traveller pitches
• Shopping/leisure uses
• Sports and recreation
• Habitat expansion/ Biodiversity Net Gain

All sites submitted will be assessed for their suitability for the uses for which they have been suggested.

The Council will complete an assessment of each submitted site setting out whether we consider any redevelopment use is possible. The information on the sites will be kept on record for up to five years and used to update planning documents, including a future Local Plan review. If we consider the site is suitable for redevelopment, we may contact you, the landowners or their representatives to discuss further.

If the Council consider a site has potential for redevelopment, this does not equate to a planning permission which would still be required, and even if the site is considered suitable in principle for redevelopment, this does guarantee it will get planning permission as other factors may be relevant.

If you wish to be directly notified over future ‘Call for Sites’, please email and you will be notified over all Local Plan related public engagements.

Information related to the locations of the site, the area and development intentions will need to be on the public record. The personal data you provide will be used as part of the Council’s statutory planning duties and some of the information will be published. Further information on how we handle your personal data can be found at

Please get your submission in by Friday May 10th 2024.

Please where possible, please fill in a ‘Call for Sites’ form which can be found below

Call For Sites form 2024 (pdf 233KB)
Guidance on filling in the form (pdf 136KB)

Last Updated on Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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