Southport Eastern Access Project

Southport Eastern Access Project

Sefton Council is seeking views from Southport residents and visitors over potential improvements to the town's key eastern access routes.

The proposed Southport Eastern Access Improvements scheme seeks to improve the road and pedestrian network between the town centre and the Southport Road border in Kew.

What does the scheme aim to achieve?

Improvements would look to ease congestion issues for motorists, while also seeking to revamp cycling and pedestrian infrastructure at the eastern approach to the town.

What areas would be included?

The areas within the Southport Eastern Access Improvements scheme include:

Kew Roundabout
Southport Road
Foul Lane
Scarisbrick New Road
Norwood Road

Why now?

Improvements to Southport's eastern travel routes have been the subject of discussion since the 1960s and now Sefton Council's Transport Planning team are working on a business case to make these changes a reality.

Southport is a key cornerstone in the borough's economic growth plans and an improved streetscene and transport network in the East will contribute massively towards this.

Is the council asking for our help?

Yes. To make any potential changes and improvements we need the vital knowledge and views of those who live near and use these routes every single day.

We want to make sure any plans will best capture the views of residents, businesses, schools and visitors to Southport. That insight will help us deliver and develop our proposals and subsequent designs.

What are the 'real world' potential benefits?

The main benefits of the proposed scheme would:

  • Ease congestion on key routes including Scarisbrick New Road
  • Ease instances of 'rat running' around areas such as Norwood Road, Meols Cop Road & Butts Lane
  • Improve access to Kew Retail Park
  • Improve walking and cycling links to the town centre.

We remain committed to improving our streets and transport network across Sefton to support our Sefton 2030 Vision and address the climate change emergency.

We encourage everyone to take part and give us your views.

To have your say please click here

Last Updated on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

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