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H brackets

'H' brackets are carriageway markings, shaped like an elongated 'H' which is marked adjacent to a vehicle access or driveway. It is used to remind other drivers that they should not park there, as it would prevent access to the driveway.

'H' brackets are provided by us to prevent vehicles obstructing driveways. The cost of the 'H' bracket is paid for by the resident. 

The marking is only intended to mark out the width of the driveway, and as such will only be provided from a point where the kerbs start sloping down (usually 1 metre from the edge of the driveway).

Residents should contact the Highway Safety team and an officer will be sent out to measure up the length of marking required. A quotation for the cost of the marking will then be sent to the resident. Once payment from the resident has been received, the work will be ordered from our contractor.

The ‘H’ bracket itself is a non regulatory sign which is nationally recognised but can only be enforced by the Police when there is willful or unnecessary obstruction. Generally this will be when a resident cannot access or exit their premises.

However, where a vehicle parks across a dropped footway or kerb crossing this may be served with a penalty charge notice issued under section 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004 whether a ‘H’ bracket is present or not.

The H bracket is provided solely to mark the presence of a driveway. If you park your own vehicle there, it devalues the meaning of the marking, and shows to other drivers that you do not need access to the driveway

Last Updated on Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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