Single Use Plastics

Single Use Plastics

Our environment needs to be protected from the growing problem of plastic waste appearing due to littering, poor waste management and the pollution of water courses.

The Council believes that the reduction of single-use plastics (SUP) would benefit health and wellbeing in Sefton, reduce waste and ultimately help protect the coastline.

Whilst the Council recognises that there are limitations in its powers to ban single use plastics across the borough, the overall vision is to eliminate the use of SUP wherever possible across its assets, and encourage staff, communities, businesses and partners to reduce the avoidable use of SUPs too.

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Sefton will concentrate efforts on the elimination of SUP for the following items:

  • Cutlery
  • Straws
  • Drink stirrers
  • Plates
  • Sticks for balloons (and balloons)
  • Cups and lids

We will achieve this initially by prohibiting their use in concessions (food and drink) awarded by Sefton Council, which were awarded in April 2019.

One particular form of SUP, latex balloons, will be targeted through prohibiting the intentional release of balloons and lanterns from Sefton controlled land.

To prioritise coastal and natural locations, the Council will initially target:

  • concessions (mobile food and drink outlets and ice cream vans) that operate under Sefton licences
  • Food outlets (including take–away) through the Council’s food safety teams and business investment support teams.
  • Events on the coast, Council parks and for balloon and lantern releases, any land controlled by Sefton Council e.g. schools.

Last Updated on Thursday, September 2, 2021

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