Children's Social Care

Children's Social Care

Children's Services covers Education, Schools, Cared For Children, Fostering, Early Help and children with disabilities among other things.   

We have a duty to ensure children in Sefton are safe, happy and thriving. When this doesn’t happen, or when families need some extra support to make it happen, we work with you to make this a reality. 

Our promise is to respect you and your family regardless of any religious belief, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity or disability, and support you on your journey to be a resilient and confident family. 

We will:

  • respect you 
  • make sure we support you in a kind, compassionate, considerate and timely way. 
  • listen to you and involve you in decisions and plans about your life. 
  • make sure we provide a stable environment for you to live and learn in. 
  • make sure you live with people who care about and support you. 
  • support you in any pathways you choose beyond school or college, including going to university or into an apprenticeship. 
  • encourage you to be the best you can be and achieve the goals and dreams you have set. 

Find out more about all the services relating to Children’s Social Care in Sefton.  

The Executive Director of Children’s Services, with the help of Assistant Directors and Service Managers oversee all children’s social care departments ensuring ‘Education’, ‘Help and Protection and Early Help’, ‘Cared for and Care Experienced’, ‘Safeguarding and Quality Assurance’ and ‘Restorative Transformation’ teams support the day to day running of the children’s social care department. Every member of the team strives to follow the Sefton vision. Find out more about all of the teams in Sefton’s Children Services. 

Last Updated on Friday, April 5, 2024

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