Injury Prevention

Preventing Injuries 


Accidents to children are a significant health issue, being a major cause of preventable death, serious injury and long-term disability across the UK. 

Under-5s are particularly at risk of being injured in home accidents, with falls accounting for the majority of non-fatal accidents and threats to breathing such as suffocation, strangulation and choking causing the highest number of deaths. The largest number of accidents happen in the living/dining room. However, the most serious accidents happen in the kitchen and on the stairs.   

Most home accidents are preventable through increased awareness, improvements in the home environment and greater product safety. 

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When do accidents happen?

  • Most happen between late afternoon and early evening, in the summer, during school holidays and at weekends 
  • Factors such as stress, bereavement in the family, chronic illness, homelessness or moving home increase the likelihood of the child having an accident 
  • Some happen when the usual routine is changed or when people are in a hurry 
  • Distractions and inadequate supervision are often the cause of accidents 
  • Poor housing and overcrowded conditions lead to increased numbers of accidents 
  • Some accidents are caused by lack of familiarity with surroundings, for example, when visiting friends or relatives, or in holiday accommodation.

Sefton’s Family Wellbeing Centres and Health Visitors provide a service to arrange the installation of child home safety equipment to families across the borough. One of the long term objectives is to promote the understanding of the importance of safety in the home.

Equipment available include

  • safety gates
  • fire guards
  • window locks
  • cupboard locks
  • cord winders
  • bath mats
  • corner cushions

Fittings take place across the borough of Sefton, and evidence gathered has been very positive from both a professional’s perspective and the benefiting family. Since the campaign began, over 3500 homes across Sefton have benefited.

Ask your Health Visitor or local Family Wellbeing Centre to refer you to the scheme

Find out more about child injuries in the home, and preventative measures to keep your child/ren safe.

There are lots of topics you can explore, such as: 

  • Baby proofing your home 
  • Bathtime 
  • Bedtime 
  • Mealtimes 
  • Keeping safe when out and about 

Please take a look at the advice on offer to keep your child/ren safe.

child in kitchen with safety

Child Accident Prevention Trust provides information and advice on a range of topics around child safety.

ROSPA provides more information and advice on home safety.

Last Updated on Monday, April 8, 2024

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