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The Local Authority has a statutory duty, and in appropriate circumstances discretionary powers to provide assistance with home to school travel, based on a pupil’s individual needs and circumstances.

Parent and Carers are responsible for ensuring that their children attend school regularly and on time. Most pupils in Sefton:

  • Walk to school accompanied, if necessary, by a parent/carer; or
  • Travel to school on public transport; or
  • Are driven to school by parents. 

Wherever possible the Local Authority (LA) expects parents to make similar arrangements for children attending school.

School age pupils are eligible for free home to school travel support if they:

  • Are attending their nearest qualifying school and meet the eligible distance criteria relevant to their age group; or
  • Are from a low-income family and are attending a qualifying school and meet the eligible distance criteria; or
  • Attend their nearest qualifying school and unable to walk or access public transport because of their Special Educational Need Disability (SEND) or mobility.

Please note that Sefton Council does not provide financial support for post-16 student travel.

We may still provide travel support to post 16 students with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability who cannot travel independently. These are assessed on an individual basis using the Post 16 Transport Policy Statement

Full details including what is a qualifying school can be found in the 

Sefton Home to School Transport Policy 2021/22

Post 16 Travel Policy 2021/22

Home to School Travel Support enables your child to get from home to school. The type of support is based on your child’s individual needs and with regard to the best use of the Council’s resources. This can include a travel pass, independent travel training, personal travel budget or a place on commissioned transport.

Most children eligible for Travel Support will be issued with a travel pass, some children with Special Educational Needs Disability may require a more personalised travel solution.

For more information on Independent Travel Training visit the Sefton Directory website

To see if you are eligible for further financial support wit home to school transport, visit the Personal Travel Budgets webpage

You can apply by completing an application form for either a Travel Pass or Special Educational Needs and/or Disability Travel Support.

If you are refused a travel pass or travel support under the current policy, you will be offered the right of appeal against the decision. This will be included with any refusal letter you receive.

Appeals Process Home School Travel Fact Sheet


We strongly recommend children and young people wear a face covering when travelling on dedicated home to school transport. This does not apply to children and young people who are exempt.

The pandemic has resulted in changes to our service delivery, please be assured we are doing everything we can to ensure that the team continues to deliver vital transport services and thank you for your patience during this difficult time.


New Transport Framework 2022 

Transport is currently provided by contractors who are on a Transport Framework. This framework is due to end shortly and procurement law requires that a new framework be put in place. We will start to tender existing routes in May 2022 and new transport arrangements will commence September 2022. Until that date all existing routes will continue as normal.

Your child will continue to receive transport, but whether your current arrangements change will not become clear until the tender process is completed, and routes are allocated to successful contractors, some routes may not change at all.

We will keep you informed of progress at key stages in the tender process and as soon as the implications for your child are confirmed, we will be in touch to let you know whether your child will be affected or not.


Travel Pass Applications 2022 – 2023 

We are now open to receive Travel Pass (Home to School) applications for the new academic year 2022 – 2023. The deadline date for applications is the 10th June 2022. Don’t delay, apply today!

You can apply if you are a Sefton Resident and your child is:

  • Aged between 5 to 16 (Statutory School Age)
  • Attends their nearest qualifying* school and meets the eligible distance criteria relevant to their age group (2 miles for a child aged 8 and under and 3 miles for a child over the age of 8): or
  • From a low-income family and are attending a qualifying school and meet the eligible distance criteria: or
  • Attend their nearest qualifying school and unable to walk or access public transport because of their Special Educational Need Disability (SEND) or mobility.

The nearest qualifying school may not necessarily be your chosen school and you should take this into consideration when completing your school admissions form. A ‘suitable’ or ‘qualifying’ school is the nearest school to the home address with places available and not necessarily your preferred school.


Students Transferring to a New Phase of Education in 2022

If your child is transferring from one phase of education to another in September 2022 (from primary to secondary school or secondary school to a post 16 institution) you must reapply for travel support as soon as the Local Authority has reviewed and amended your child’s EHCP to name a new education setting.

This will happen by 31st March 2022 in the case of a transfer from secondary school to a post 16 institution and by 15th February 2022 in the case of a child’s transfer in any other case. All travel support applications for students transferring to a new school or college must be submitted by 10th June 2022 at the latest or as soon as the placement has been agreed. 

Home to School Travel Support

Telephone:  0151 934 3399

E-mail:  Travel.Support@Sefton.gov.uk

Ainsdale Hope Centre
Sandringham Road

Public Transport – Merseytravel

Telephone:  0151 330 1000

Website:   www.merseytravel.gov.uk/


Last Updated on Monday, October 2, 2023

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