Getting More Help

  • Request for involvement SEND, assessment and advice, setting support and casework for individual children and families. 
  • Inclusion Officer/Inclusion Consultant support/ E.P High needs funding and EHCP panel. 
  • Training related to children's individual needs, vulnerable children, children with SEND.  
  • Intense support for settings who receive a RI, Inadequate judgement at Ofsted inspection, or identified by Q.I or safeguarding tool. 
  • Partnership working with therapy services, health visitors and health professionals to ensure children are referred as appropriate and have their needs met. 
  • Promote Early Years entitlement and the benefits of high-quality Early Years provision to social workers. 
  • Early Help Assessment: Coordinated support with a TAF whole family. 
  • Home Coaching: One to one parent course (of children aged 2-8) which aims to strengthen parenting skills by developing techniques which support positive child behaviour by focusing on play, interaction, praise, and rewards. Supports parenting techniques of effective limit setting, consequence and problem solving. Increases children’s social skills and emotional language as well as parents and child's relationship. 
  • IY: A 14-week parenting group (of children aged 2-8) which aims to strengthen parenting skills by developing techniques which support positive child behaviour focusing on play, interaction, praise, and rewards. Aims to increase children’s social skills, emotional language as well as parents and child's relationship. 
  • VIG: One to one session with parent (of children aged 0-5) and VIG trained practitioner. Aims to improve parent-infant relationships and communication using video. Helps parents to recognise their strengths and discover new skills by raising self-awareness and refection, while building on the relationship with baby/child. 
  • Triple P is a 6-week parenting programme. Suitable for families with a child aged 2-12 years. Being a parent is challenging, learn strategies to support with all aspects of parenting. 
  • Intensive Support for Families in need: Our aim is to deliver support 2/3 times per week between 12-20 weeks to families in need of support. Focussed areas of work with completion of such items as Frequency, intensity, duration, and onset (FIDOS) Safety plans, aims and goals, strengths and needs. Intensive 2 - 3 visits per week to home, school, places of attendance.  
  • 12 - 20 weeks support offer: We work with the whole family ensuring that all family members are supported and included. Case mapping with all stakeholders and family members.  
  • Case referrals accepted from Childrens social care via C&F, step down from CIN. We support families to make positive changes for a better future. Use of sustainability model to ensure supportive transitions from support. Ensuring stakeholder involvement, Family are at the heart of their plan, engaging all parties. 
  • Participation in Early Help Plans from referral in or stepping down approach.  
  • Assessment of strengths and risks to identify further support required.  
  • As part of the partnership, we would escalate if the plan was not robust ensuring no drift and delay. Utilise the SCPB level of need guidance to support next steps.

Last Updated on Friday, August 11, 2023

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