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Brown Bins and Hessian Sacks

What materials can I put in my brown bin or hessian sacks?

Tin Cans IconFood & Drinks Cans

Including – Steel cans, aluminium cans, loose steel lids from bottles and jars. These should be rinsed out but not crushed.

Cardboard IconCardboard

Including – Cardboard boxes, cardboard food packaging, cardboard egg cartons, toilet/kitchen rolls and greetings cards. These should be flattened.

Mixed Glass IconMixed Glass

Including – all types and colours except Pyrex, drinking glasses and window glass. Jars and bottles should be rinsed, lids can be left on. Glass should not be smashed or broken.

Newspaper IconNewspapers & Magazines

Including – Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, office paper, envelopes, paper bags, wrapping paper (Sellotape and other sticky tape should be removed), catalogues, telephone directories and Yellow Pages.

Plastic bottles iconPlastic Bottles

Including – All plastic drinks bottles such as juice, water, milk and cordials. Shampoo bottles and household cleaner bottles such as bleach, fabric softener, washing liquid etc. Bottles should be emptied and rinsed but please do not squash, you can put the tops back on.

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Last Updated on Monday, January 8, 2024

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