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Make it your business to be a part of Green Sefton’s ambition for a cleaner, greener and more beautiful Borough for all.

Become a business supporter by contacting Green Sefton on 01519342961 or by emailing green sefton at sefton dot gov dot uk

Our impact

Each year our small team of Green Sefton officers work alongside a range of partners including the business and commercial sectors, community organisations, education establishments and volunteers to together maintain Sefton’s green spaces and coast for today, tomorrow and for future generations.

Annually we:

  • Empty more than 1,000 bins across 183 sites
  • Take away 2,340 tonnes of rubbish from our parks, beaches and green spaces
  • Welcome hundreds of thousands of visitors to our 22-mile environmentally sensitive coastline
  • Plant around 3,000 new trees and manage 90,000 existing trees
  • Protect and manage 6,500 hectares of the landscape – that’s 32% of the Borough itself, equivalent to 7,800 football pitches
  • Maintain 106 playgrounds, outdoor gyms, skate parks and multi-use games areas
  • Look after 91 public sports facilities
  • Work with more than 40 community groups supporting over 44,000 hours of volunteer time

Why we need your help?

We’ve built great relationships with small and large businesses across the Borough for many years. Since 2014, they’ve contributed approximately 1,500 hours involving 250 volunteers through litter-picking activities and maintenance at some of our most popular Green Sefton sites.

They’ve made a big difference already, but as we face ever increasing concerns about the impact of climate change on our planet, we want businesses to join forces with us on projects and activities that can really make a difference to act on the climate emergency.  

What’s more, is that your business could also help to support the people of Sefton like helping a child to have access to grassroots sports, a community group to grow their own produce or a young person to gain work experience in a career they never thought was open to them.

Your support could make a real change to our special places and our amazing residents.  

How can your business get involved?

We welcome the support of any business in Sefton and have a whole host of ways that you could play a role in our work.

You could give some of your time, or that of your team, or help financially to support the work of others.

No matter how big or small your contribution, it will make a real difference.

Rimrose Valley wildflower meadow

  • Help us to plant more trees and wildflower meadows
  • Support habitat conservation projects
  • Improve children’s play areas
  • Revamp benches, bins and display cases
  • Give sports coaching to young people
  • Offer a helping hand to those seeking new job opportunities
  • Enhance your employee’s morale with a team building session
  • Make a one-off donation

Download our full brochure for further information about our business supporter scheme and the various opportunities for you to get involved with.

Green Sefton Business Supporter Brochure (pdf 14.76MB)

What do you get in return?

There are so many benefits for you, your business and your communities by pledging to support the work of Green Sefton.

It’s knowing that you have:

  • Contributed to reducing the effects of climate change
  • Protected rare habitats and species
  • Helped to preserve the heritage of Sefton’s historic parks and green spaces
  • Increased opportunities for young people to engage in sport
  • Sustained and improved the health and wellbeing of young people living in Sefton
  • Improved facilities for all residents and visitors to the Borough
  • Kickstarted careers in horticulture, conservation, land and facility management
  • Given back to your communities and improved your own physical health and mental wellbeing
  • Ultimately made Sefton cleaner, greener and more beautiful

We’ll also work with you to ensure that your support is acknowledged across our website, social media and on-site at locations where you have made a difference.

It might be through a good news story shared with local media, images distributed across the Council’s social media and Green Sefton webpages, or permanent signage or advertising at the location you’ve chosen to offer your support.

Follow their lead: Vitaflo at Moorside Park, Crosby

Vitaflo, a leading specialist in clinical nutrition products with a base in Liverpool, provided funding for Green Sefton officers to purchase plants for Crosby’s Moorside Park.

An area of overgrown shrubbery was cleared in 2020 but was in need of a new lease of life, with the right species to promote the best possible habitat for wildlife to thrive. Thanks to Vitaflo’s funding, the area was re-planted during the autumn of 2021 with a mix of ferns and Bergenia plants, which will provide an essential boost to the local biodiversity.

Vitaflo volunteers undertaking planting at Moorside Park

Volunteers from Vitaflo also gave their time to support Green Sefton with the planting itself. One of the volunteers said:

“It was great to be involved in volunteer planting activity (despite the weather!), knowing that the planting will provide wildlife habitat in addition to help create an attractive park area for all generations of the community to enjoy. The volunteers personally benefitted from a wellbeing perspective and also enjoyed the teamwork.”

Would you like to find out more about supporting and sponsoring the work of the Green Sefton Service?

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Last Updated on Thursday, June 22, 2023

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