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 Hesketh Centre staff get fit in 2018 with Active Workforce.

Whether you’re sitting at a desk 9am-5pm, working out in the community or shift work, all roles have their stresses and constraints. Active Workforce are here to help you achieve your optimal health within your working day.

The Hesketh Centre ladies after completing the Workforce 5k

The staff over at the Hesketh Centre in Southport are amongst many within Merseycare who are suffering the effects of budget constraints and staff cuts. To improve staff morale, staff health and reduce sickness absence, Merseycare have invested into Active Workforce’s Staff Health and Fitness Programme.

The staff at the Hesketh Centre were aware of Active Workforce after their attendance at one of their Health Days. They asked Active Workforce to set up a Lunchtime Walk every Tuesday at 12:30pm starting from the Hesketh Centre reception, which they were happy to do. Since then, the staff have gone from strength to strength to improve their health and increase their activity levels.

 Jane Linley from Hesketh Centre, Merseycare NHS Trust;

  • “Active Workforce have made a huge difference to my life. I started the health walks over a year ago, walking with a few colleagues and with Ruth and Amy from Active Workforce. In February, Ruth and Amy started doing a “Couch to 5k”, straight after work at our building. We ran for a minute, then walked for a minute and after 10 minutes of this I thought I was dying! I stuck with it, making new friends along the way and forming our own little running support group, the Pocket Rockets. As well as running we encourage each other to follow a healthy lifestyle and have a WhatsApp group for running meetups, recipes and motivation.

    Once we had conquered running 5k three times per week we decided to add in some new challenges. Once again Ruth and Amy stepped in providing circuit training to improve strength and flexibility, and something called Tabata which is a form of cardio exercise that should be banned under the Geneva Convention as a cruel and unusual punishment. As a team, we completed the Active Workforce 5k, running around an extremely windy Crosby Marina to cross the finish line holding hands in under 40 minutes, which can be seen on the 5K video clip.

    Since then, I have gone on to participate in the Aquathlon, a swimming and running race in Southport, and to climb The Old Man of Coniston and Snowdon, all with Active Workforce. I now run 3 times per week with my running group, and taking part in the Southport parkrun. Since starting running, I have noticed huge improvements in my physical and mental health, and in my motivation. I find it easier to concentrate at work and my confidence has increased. Ruth and Amy have continued to be warm, friendly and motivational, working evenings and weekends to set up events we can all participate in. I’m looking forward to facing new challenges with Active Workforce in the future.”

If you would like something set up in your workplace, get in touch today!

Last Updated on Tuesday, July 27, 2021

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